El Auditorio será escenario de un concierto histórico que unirá a The Buyakers y AMC Banda de Música

The Buyakers and AMC Banda de Música will join musical forces in a historic concert at the Auditorio
On November 4th at 9 pm, The Buyakers will offer a symphonic concert with the AMC Banda de Música de Puertollano at the Pedro Almodóvar Auditorium. This will be the second time in history that both formations come together in the same space, but this time with more songs and surprises.

The councilor of culture of Puertollano, Juan Sebastián López Berdonces, highlighted the talent present in the city and the affinity between both groups. He was also in charge of arranging some of the compositions that will be heard at this event.

López Berdonces described this concert as «top-notch» and emphasized that the fact that it is people from Puertollano does not give the right to disparage it, but quite the opposite. The quality and talent of the groups transcend borders, as was demonstrated in the «Heroes» concert that the AMC recently offered in Ciudad Real.

In the concert, the AMC Banda de Música de Puertollano will have a great prominence, coinciding with its tenth anniversary. Sergio González «Suko,» the voice of The Buyakers, revealed that in addition to the classics, some of the new compositions from their latest albums will also be included.

This will be an opportunity for The Buyakers to update themselves symphonically and include some arrangements that were prepared in 2018 but could not be included at that time due to pressure and lack of rehearsal.

The director of the AMC Banda de Música de Puertollano, José Manuel García Pozuelo, warned that it will be a very complete and complex concert. The instrumentation has been worked on by Juan Sebastián López Berdonces, Fernando Fernández Calero, and Pablo Cobos, as well as the orchestration by the director himself. After several weeks of rehearsals and preparations, the result promises to be colorful and eye-catching to emphasize both the style of The Buyakers and AMC.

Tickets for the concert are already on sale for 8 euros in advance at entradium.com, Chocolat pastry shop, and Folder stationery. They will also be available at the Auditorium box office from six in the evening for 10 euros.

This historic concert promises to be a unique musical experience that you cannot miss.

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